Quickstop X-Trail

Raclet’s largest trailer tent comes with alloy wheels, alloy trim and matching deluxe tow-bar storage box. Combine this with Quickstop features, a large awning and sun canopy; it offers the biggest living area of the Raclet range. Two heavy duty gas struts help fold and open two king size beds as well as allow access to the storage when the tent is folded.


Optional extras:
Sun-canopy +£698
Bedroom annex +£393
Kitchen +£626

Beds 2
Berth 4
Cabin poles Steel
Awning Poles Aluminium
Tent 100% cotton
Floor PVC
Weight 650Kg
Max loaded weight 750kg
Surface area 19m2
Volume 1238l
Storage volume 515l

• “Optional Awning” – with the main awning the living area is 16’6” x 8’3”, simple to erect. Zip in groundsheet included, with 4 completely removable panels for extra ventilation and sun canopy.
• “Optional sun canopy” – great for short holidays, simple to erect with pull out poles from main cabin. Includes zip in groundsheet. Door panels from optional main awning can be used to fully enclose a space of 16’6” x 5”.
• “Awning & sun Canopy” – with the main sun canopy attached to the main awing the living area increased to a massive15’1” x 16’6” (biggest in the Raclet range). Fully zipped together including the groundsheets, giving a large fully enclosed living area. With the addition of optional Bedroom annex(s) you can take the extended family as well.
• “300L Storage box” – with all the room inside to store gas bottles and extras. The storage box is lockable and securely bolted to the X-Trails A-Frame. Made of galvanised steel it’s designed to last.
• Fully braked with handbrake