About us

Adrian Prior – centre – receiving the 2017 Caravan and Trailer Tents Design award for the Raclet QUICKSTOP SE from the Chairman of The Caravan Club

Raclet Ltd. was established on 28th January 1969 by Adrian Prior’s grandfather, was then taken over by Adrian’s brother Martin, and has since been run by Adrian Prior. Raclet Ltd. is the exclusive UK seller of new Raclet trailer tents, both full-time to other businesses, and part-time directly to customers at their summer, annual camping exhibitions, which have been running for over 40 years. All Raclet trailer tents are manufactured in the Mamers factory in Sarthe, France, and are sold throughout Europe.
For info about the French manufacturing company Raclet, see their about page

Please contact us with any questions –
0118 979 1023

Raclet manufacturers’ contact details available on their website

Raclet Ltd.
Luckley road
RG40 3AU

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