Putting up a Raclet trailer tent is quick & easy

Raclet trailer tents are tents that are fitted into trailers. They fold and unfold easily in a few steps.

We are running our annual, summer exhibitions, where you can view and buy a variety of Raclet trailer tents, as well as other camping goods.
The 1st exhibition was north of London, near Luton airport, and ran during May 2017.
The 2nd exhibition is west of London, near Reading, and runs through July 2017.
See campingcentreexhibitions.co.uk for more info.

Our partnered resellers also sell Raclet trailer tents from their bases around the UK, all year round.

We are also able to show and sell trailer tents from our base in Wokingham, but this is by appointment only. You can contact us about this.

Please view the range of Raclet trailer tent models.
We also sell event marquees.

For more information about the business, see the about page.

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