Trailer tent models

Easy to tow and store, Raclet trailer tents are 100% manufactured in France with cotton fabric and a galvanized steel body. There is a model for everyone – the 2 berth Solena is lightweight and manageable for one. Panama UP has masses of storage space but essentially is a real slated bed for a goods nights sleep. Quickstop SE is a camper unique to Raclet, and the non-pegging cabin encourages you to travel in comfort, winning awards in both 2015 and 2017.

The following trailer tents are available:

£4670 – Armada GL 016

£3178 – Moovea 016

£6424 – Panama UP SE 016

£6209 – Quickstop SE LUX 017

£5844 – Safari GL 016

£3683 – Solena 017

We also sell accessories & spares


There is more general info about Raclet trailer tents on the Raclet manufacturers’ website, as well as info about the history and manufacturing of French Raclet.